Mr 4:11 And he said unto them,

Unto you it is GIVEN to know the

mystery (or secret) of the kingdom

of God: but unto them that are WITHOUT,

all these things are done in parables:

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Baptism Series:

  1. The Baptism Factor and Christianity 1:
  • Truly, were human beings created in God’s image?
  • Do you think it is Satan who created or is responsible for EVIL?
  • Is there a noble purpose behind EVIL and SUFFERING?


  1. The Baptism Factor and Christianity 2 (The baptism of Jesus):
  • The baptism of Jesus and the baptism of the Holy Ghost, are they the same thing?
  • What in reality is the baptism of the Holy Ghost?
  • Can baptizing in water cleanse one from sin?


  1. The Baptism Factor and Christianity 3A (Jesus baptizes the world in a POND):
  • Does HELL exist?
  • Is HELL a real or a spiritual place?
  • The ONLY ONE true method of biblical interpretation.


  1. The Baptism Factor and Christianity 3A-Jesus baptizes the world in a POND (Cont.):
  • One of, if not the biggest enigma of the scriptures resolved.
  • Is Rev 21:8 HELL?
  • The biblical interpretation of Rev 21:8.


5. The Baptism Factor and Christianity 3B: Jesus baptizes the world in a POND (2):                                                          

  • As it was in the days of Noah
  • How Noah’s flood debunks (exposes) the satanic deception of HELL.
  • What saved Noah?
  • Is there a text in the scriptures that shows precisely that the LAKE of FIRE (Rev 21:8) is the baptism of Jesus/the Holy Ghost and that it will save ALL of humanity?



Miscellaneous Topics:

  1. The Jesus Factor and Christianity 1 (Only let us be called by your name):
  • The hijacking of the name of Jesus by mainstream religions.
  • What does it mean to take the name of the Lord in vain?


  1. The Jesus Factor and Christianity 1 (Cont.)MANY are Called:
  • The man without a wedding garment, who is he?
  • The called, the chosen and…?
  • Who are the MANY of Mat 22:14?


  1. The Jesus Factor and Christianity 2 (The devil goes to church):
  • Truly, was Christianity really founded by Jesus?
  • Christianity in prophecy.
  • The birth of Christianity.
  • Rev 12:15: A DRAGON FLOOD, what is it?


  1. The Hell Factor and Christianity (The Rich Man and Lazarus):
  • Truly, is the rich man and Lazarus a parable or a historical event?
  • What is HELL, is it real, spiritual, or a satanic lie?


  1. The Hell Factor and Christianity (Cont.) The table turns:
  • How large is Abraham’s bosom?
  • A gulf fixed, what is it?



  • An amazing demonstration of proper Biblical interpretation.
  • True Baptism.
  • HELL: Is it real, spiritual or a demonic lie?


07. The ‘both body and soul’ Factor And Christianity:

  • Did Jesus really believe that a person is a body and two souls?
  • Did the Jews of Jesus’ time embrace Pagan concepts?
  • Does a person has two souls, one mortal and the other immortal?


  • The apostles Paul and John clearly shew that man was NEVER created in God’s image.



Much more yet to come under the miscellaneous topics. Please keep coming and invite others.


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